The Online Reputation & Brand Protection Coalition is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing businesses with education, solutions, and advocacy to help them protect their reputations and brand online.

Businesses’ Reputations and Brands Are Threatened Online

  • Up to 30% of online reviews for some products can be fake (source: UIC prof. Bing Liu, Sept. 2011)
  • More than 1.9 million Ripoff Report posts as of Feb. 2015

Online Reputation and Brand Threats Directly Impact a Company’s Bottom Line

The fact is that 80% of consumers have changed their minds about purchasing a product after reading negative information about it online (source: 2011 Trend Tracker survey). Something as simple as a one-star increase in a Yelp rating can lead to a 5-9 percent increase in revenue (source: 2011 Harvard Business School study of restaurants). This can have a substantial impact on a business’s livelihood.

Businesses Need Support Because…

  • Many businesses are not aware of the best practices for preventing and defending against online reputation and brand threats
  • The available resources fail to provide the multi-disciplinary, comprehensive solutions needed to combat online reputation and brand threats
  • Website policies and existing laws too often leave them vulnerable and without recourse

Enter the Online Reputation & Brand Protection Coalition!

The Online Reputation & Brand Protection Coalition was formed to provide cutting-edge educational resources to businesses, create comprehensive solutions to online reputation and brand threats, and to advocate for changes in both website policies and laws.

Businesses that become members of the Coalition have access to our extensive educational materials and our expert advisors. The support from businesses also strengthens the Coalition’s growing voice for change.

Learn How To Protect Your
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