The Coalition’s Mission is to Help Businesses Protect and Defend against Online Reputation & Brand Threats

The Online Reputation & Brand Protection Coalition is a 501 c3, non-profit organization with a mission of helping businesses protect and defend against online threats to their reputation and brand by: creating innovative solutions to online reputation and brand threats; educating businesses on best practices; providing information and services to help businesses identify potential online reputation and brand threats against their business and stay current on the most cutting-edge protection and response tools and strategies; and, obtaining increased protections and more effective remediation options for businesses against online reputation and brand attacks through changes in the laws, regulations, website policies, public awareness, law enforcement practices and more.

The Coalition is committed to providing resources to businesses with the most up-to-date information designed to explain, prevent, and help businesses ultimately eradicate online reputation and brand threats. The Coalition strives to provide members with ready access to unbiased world-class resources created by experts who regularly handle online reputation and brand threats that teach the business members how best to protect and defend themselves online.

The Coalition is committed to devising innovative and creative solutions that businesses can use to protect their reputation and brand against online threats.  The Coalition brings together many of the brightest, most experienced professionals in the world of online reputation and brand protection.  The Coalition’s expert advisors cover every facet of online reputation and brand protection and are located in all the major business centers in the world.    The Coalition brings together these experts because effective solutions to online threats must be multi-disciplinary and comprehensive.  The Coalition communicates the solutions to businesses through the various educational resources it facilitates.

The Coalition is also committed to helping businesses stay ahead of the threats before they harm the businesses. One of the most significant problems for businesses is that threats and response strategies change rapidly, and can be difficult to keep up. The Coalition aims to help business stay current on new forms of threats and the best possible response strategies. The Coalition currently provides subscribers and members reputation threat alerts and community risk notifications.  The Coalition will continue to look for new methods to help businesses defend against threats before they occur.


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