How We Help Businesses

Provide Businesses Resources, Advocacy, and Ongoing Threat Alerts and Information to Help Them Protect Their Reputations and Brands Online.

Our non-profit serves the general business community through educational resources, advocacy efforts and overall support.


Many businesses today are struggling because they do not understand how to best protect and defend themselves against online reputation and brand threats. They do not have employees or advisors with the knowledge or experience to address these attacks; many of the purported service providers do not provide the multi-disciplinary, comprehensive solutions needed to address these threats; and there is a lack of quality educational materials and resources for businesses to turn to help understand and address these problems.

To address the absence of these resources, the Coalition provides a variety of educational resources, including a library of whitepapers, newsletters, publications, and other resources that businesses can turn to learn best practices for protecting and defending themselves against online reputation and brand threats.  The Coalition also provides access to experts involved in every facet of online reputation and brand protection, including attorneys, online investigators, online reputation managers, crisis managers, and public relations specialists.  The Coalition’s expert advisors are located across the globe, covering all the major economic hubs in the world.

Advocacy for Increased Protections for Businesses

The Coalition’s second major function is to work on behalf of its business members to increase their protections and remedies for online reputation and brand attacks.

The rights of online posters, sellers, websites, internet service providers, registrars and other relevant parties are all protected under a variety of laws today. However, many businesses are being left to wonder who is protecting their rights. Without a unified voice, with law enforcement failing to keep pace with technology, and with laws designed to protect their attackers, there is often seemingly little businesses can do to protect themselves from online reputation and brand attacks and avoid the resulting harm to revenue, valuable personnel, promising investments, and other economic and reputational harm.

To combat this, the Coalition advocates on behalf of business owners by seeking to influence public perception, regulations, laws, internet service provider policies and other items to ultimately give businesses a better ability to protect themselves against online threats and seek remedies.

For example, the Coalition contacts websites where businesses are frequently attacked and works with the websites to develop policies that provide greater protections for businesses. The Coalition also provides educational materials to law enforcement to encourage and assist them in using their resources to thwart online reputation and brand attacks. The Coalition also plans to pursue changes in laws and regulations that would allow businesses to force websites to remove defamatory statements and stop the unauthorized sale of products from the internet.

Identify Threats and Create Solutions

The third function of the Coalition is to help its members stay ahead of online reputation and brand protection threats by identifying the threats early and working with stakeholders to create cutting-edge solutions.  To fulfill that function, the Coalition provides the following ongoing services to help businesses stay current on the wide varieties of reputation and brand threats, and the best practices for protection:

  • Reputation and Brand Threat Alerts – The Coalition provides ongoing online reputation and brand threat alerts to members and the public. The Coalition obtains regular updates from contacts with various law enforcement agencies, attorneys, online crisis experts, cyber investigators, and others who regularly are the first to become aware of online reputation attacks against businesses. The Coalition also monitors online reputation and brand threats that appear in the internet search results.  Once the Coalition learns of a new type of online reputation and brand threats, the Coalition will describe the new threat via newsletters and updates to the Coalition’s website.   The Coalition’s notification will also suggest the most immediate steps business can take to respond to the threats.
  • Strategy Sessions – The Coalition provides businesses a low-cost strategy session with a Coalition representative who will provide unbiased advice on how best to handle a particular online reputation problem. During the strategy session, a Coalition representative will discuss the issue the business is facing and determine whether the business can handle the issue themselves or needs the help of a service provider.  Critically, if a service provider’s assistance is needed, the representative will help assess which service provider is most appropriate (e.g., investigator v. online reputation manager) for the business’s situation, and educate the business on how best to vet and work with the service provider in solving the business’s problem.

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