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The Coalition leadership believes that a global network of businesses dedicated to protecting against online reputation and brand threats is essential to ensuring that the public, law-makers, websites, law enforcement members, and other organizations provide greater protections for businesses.  As such, one of the Coalition’s fundamental goals is to use its resources and stakeholders’ support to increase the protections and remedies for those businesses whose reputation and brand are threatened online.  The Coalition seeks to accomplish that goal by influencing public perception, regulations, laws, internet service provider policies, and other items that could give businesses greater abilities to protect themselves against the online reputation attacks, and seek remedies.  The Coalition’s advocacy is imperative given that online posters, sellers, internet service providers, and e-commerce platforms receive broad legal protections in the United States.

To achieve greater protections for businesses, the Coalition needs your support. By signing up to become a member, you will help increase the voice and power of the Coalition be increasing the size and representative influence. To provide further support, you can sign up as a member to not only receive the additional benefits, but to make a financial tax-deductable donation to the Coalition. The more money that you contribute to the organization, the stronger it will be and the greater the members’ interests will be protected.

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