Anonymous Attacks

In a matter of minutes, an anonymous party can go online and destroy the reputation of a company. However, most companies and their counsel are unfamiliar with the tools and tactics that can be used to find and stop these illegal acts.


How to Identify Anonymous Persons Attacking Your Business Online

When it comes to online reputation attacks, it is no secret that most are conducted anonymously or pseudonymously. People are not only more comfortable publishing harmful content on the internet when their identities are masked, but they are also ignorant in believing that their true identities cannot be discovered.
To the contrary, there are various methods of unmasking the identities of bad actors, some more technical than others and some using techniques available through the legal system. When pursuing an unknown attacker, it is typically necessary to unmask the attacker’s identity or at minimum obtain that person’s internet protocol (IP) address and approximate geographic location. This can be accomplished in a number of ways, including through cyber investigation techniques, forensic exams, and subpoenas. This whitepaper will discuss each of these three methods.