Elmer Boutin

Director, Search Strategy at Rockfish

Elmer Boutin is a Marketing Technologist who has been working in the digital marketing space for over 15 years. After a successful career as a Czech Linguist and Intelligence Analyst for the U.S. Army, he was a freelance agent creating web sites, doing search engine optimization (SEO) and designing digital marketing programs for local and regional businesses.

After earning his stripes as an independent contractor, he was hired as corporate Webmaster for a leading decorative surfacing company, where he remained for over 10 years. In that capacity, he first led the project to move the company’s web presence from external hosting to internal. He then led the build-out and management of several websites including a corporate intranet, business partner portal and several public-facing sites. He was also responsible for other aspects of their digital presence including SEO, online reputation management (ORM), social media presence, server maintenance, application programming and database administration.

For the last 3 years at Rockfish, he has worked extensively in SEO and ORM. In the SEO work, Elmer brings extensive expertise in SEO, development, user interface/user experience, analytics and social media to help clients get the most out of their websites to make sure they meet business objectives and also work well for the customers who use them.

As practice lead for ORM, he works to help clients understand the dynamics of their online reputations; where their customers are talking and what they are saying as well as steps needed to improve their reputation across search, social and review spaces. One area in which he is especially suited is ORM crisis monitoring, reporting and management. To be successful at this very specialized work, Elmer uses his vast experience in online spaces along with his military intelligence experience to help clients weather the inevitable online storms. His ability to understand the nuances of social media, search and reviews helps him understand the difference between situations that just “look bad” and those that that can truly hurt a business.

In addition to his day job, Elmer assists non-profits and small businesses with their online strategies. He is also recognized in many professional circles as a speaker at Pubcon, BlogathonATX, Austin Online Marketing for Entrepreneurs group and Social Media Breakfast groups and as guest lecturer for University of San Francisco as well as a contributor to online publications such as the ISOOSI Marketing Blog and a video interview that appeared on Search Engine Journal.

Elmer’s superpower: The ability to take highly technical ideas and share them in a way in which his audience can understand and use. This caused one marketing colleague to quip that he is a “not so usual geek type.”