Hans Lee

Legal - Hong Kong

Hans Lee has over 20 years’ experience in substantive patent and innovation management practices. He has always been based in Hong Kong to serve clients in Greater China and internationally. His clients include multinational companies, listed companies, research organizations and domestic concerns with substantial investment in technology and determination to protect technological innovations. He is dually qualified as a chartered patent attorney (United Kingdom) and a solicitor (Hong Kong). He is one of the few solicitors in Hong Kong who are specialized in and dedicated to the preparation of patent specifications for worldwide patent applications, prosecution of patent applications for grant and enforcement of patents.

A major portion of Hans’ work is the drafting of patent specifications for worldwide patenting through working directly with clients’ R&D personnel, and such work frequently requires collaboration with engineers who are based in mainland China and Hong Kong, with limited command of foreign languages. The engineering and legal training and experience that Hans gained through working and studying in Hong Kong, Germany, Australia and the United Kingdom has equipped him with skills needed to work effectively and efficiently with local and foreign engineers in their native languages to procure due protection of intellectual property for clients worldwide. Due to his unique set of IP skills and experience, Hans has been appointed to assist many foreign-headquartered multinational corporations to protect innovations coming out of R&D centres in mainland China.

Hans’ practice also includes enforcement on on-line platforms to combat domain name squatters, infringement of copyright and brands on on-line trading platforms.

Hans trained as a telecommunications engineer and has developed technical competence in other fields of technology through working and learning with inventors. His technical fields of interest now cover semiconductors, wireless communication technologies, electronic circuitry, information technology – especially mobile networks – anti-counterfeiting, diamond and precious metal processing, refractory materials and apparatus, medical apparatus and biotechnology.

Hans leads an IP team with a focus on technology and innovation at CWL Partners. CWL Partners is a full-service commercial law firm, and the IP team is equipped with state-of-the-art computer-aided tools and IP docketing systems to serve clients with patent requirement.