Sizwe Lindelo Snail ka Mtuze

Legal - Africa

Sizwe Lindelo Snail ka Mtuze holds a Baccalareus Legum (LLB) from the University of Pretoria with Tax Law and Cyber-Law electives.  He is a practising attorney with the law firm, Snail Attorneys at Law and International Co-ordinator of the African Centre for Cyberlaw and Crime Prevention based in Kampala, Uganda.

He is the author of various articles on Cyberlaw in accredited and non- accredited journals both locally and internationally and has given ad hoc lectures for the LSSA, ACFE , University of Johannesburg, Fort Hare University and University of Pretoria and comments on Cyberlaw in various South African Newspapers and radio talk shows.

He presents papers and attends both local and international conferences. He is also co-editor and author of the 3rd Edition of Cyberlaw @ SA.

Sizwe Lindelo Snail KA Mtuze does corporate presentations, regularly gives opinions to the private and government sectors, and performs individualized legal compliance testing, as well as in-house workshops / training for various private companies and government institutions both in South Africa and in Central, West and East Africa.

Sizwe Lindelo Snail KA Mtuze is a member on the ICT REVIEW Panel of the Department of Telecommunications & Postal Services (DTPS), serving as a Chair of the E-commerce Committee ( Digital Society as renamed ) within the Panel sub-committees. Sizwe Snail Ka Mtuze currently serves on the National Cyber Security advisory Counsel of the DPTS.

He is currently serving as Deputy Chair for the LSSA, E-Law Committee ( 2013 – to date ). He is a Trainee Adjudicator of the SAIIPL, Domain Disputes. He is also co-founding member of the Annual Cyberlaw Conference and the Annual Lex – Informatica (2008 – 2015).

Sizwe Lindelo Snail ka Mtuze is a WASPA Adjudicator (2008- to date ) and  a research fellow in the field of Cyberlaw with the University of Fort Hare since 2014.