Getting Expert Consultation – Strategy Session

Designed For Businesses & Individuals Needing Immediate Help

When the reputation of businesses or individuals are attacked online, they have difficulty determining the best way to respond and limit the possible damage to their reputation and brand.   A variety of expensive products and services are advertised online, claiming that they can help businesses and individuals against online reputation and brand attacks.   Using our wide range of experience in what is, and is not working, we can get you pointed in the right direction quickly.

What Is The Strategy Session?

The strategy session is an inexpensive, one-hour strategy session that is focused on helping respond, or protect from, online reputation and brand attacks. During the strategy session, an experienced and very knowledgeable Coalition representative will provide you with an unbiased assessment on the best, most cost-efficient way to respond to online reputation and brand attacks.  The assessment will discuss whether and how you can handle the issue themselves and, if not, which service provider is most appropriate (e.g., investigator v. online reputation manager) for your situation. The Coalition highly encourages businesses and individuals to engage in the one-hour strategy session because their initial decision on the direction they will take in responding the online reputation and brand attack is their most important.

What Do You Get?

Participating in the strategy session provides you with:

  • One-hour meeting with an extremely experienced, knowledgeable Coalition representative.
  • Assessment of your online reputation and brand issue, taking into consideration the threat’s context and attacker.
  • Identification and discussion of the factors that will influence your response (e.g., remedies available, website host, attacker).
  • Recommendations on ways to handle the issue yourself, if possible.
  • Recommendations of the most appropriate types of service provider (e.g., lawyers, investigators, public relations specialists), if assistance is needed.
  • Tips on how to maximize your service providers, including questions to ask and cost-saving measures.
  • A comprehensive, unbiased strategy designed to stop or mitigate online attacks.
  • Education and resources that are designed to help you protect your business from similar issues in the future.

What Does It Cost?

The Strategy Session is $279, which includes all time that our team spends preparing for your meeting as well as actual time in consultation with you.  As a non-profit, all proceeds are used to advance the mission of the Coalition to help you and others in the future.

How Do You Start?

Getting started is easy.

  • Pay for the consult
  • Once you have paid, you will be sent an online consultation form.  Please complete that as fully as possible.
  • Our staff will then contact you to establish a time.
  • Our staff will then prepare, based on your form data, as well as consult any of our multi-disciplinary advisors to determine best approach for you.
  • We will meet with you or your team.


Note** – Many requests are “Urgent” in nature.  Typically, however, we need 1-2 business days to be able to consult our multi-disciplinary team prior to meeting with you.

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