Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson, Ph.D.

Co-Founder, Cyber Investigation Services (CIS)

Dr. Anderson is the Co-Founder of Cyber Investigation Services (CIS), a hi-tech and investigations firm that helps clients solve problems and gather intelligence in today’s complex cyber world. As a boutique firm, CIS excels at finding, tracking, and reporting on hard to locate information for our corporate, law firm, and professional clients. He leads the Brand & Reputation division for CIS where he assists companies and attorneys both protecting their reputation/brand, as well as helping them solve online crises. He has been involved with evaluating over 10,000 reputation issues, has been responsible for the removal of over 21,000 items online, and leads a team of software developers to implement cutting edge solutions. Dr. Anderson is also a frequent speaker for CLE training for attorney groups and serves as an internet defamation damages expert witness as needed.

Board Member & Original Founder