Complaint Websites

Most companies have never heard of websites like Ripoff Report, Complaints Board, and Pissed Consumer, to name a few. However, if the company is listed on one of these sites, they rapidly learn how difficult it can be to deal with. When used for their intended purposes of giving consumers a voice, they are extremely effective. When used as a weapon by people ignoring the law, then it can become a company’s worst nightmare.


How Businesses Can Handle Attacks on Ripoff Report

One of the most common ways in which businesses are being attacked online is through posts on the complaint website Ripoff Report. Ripoff Report, which is branded as a destination for dissatisfied consumers to share their experiences with others, is actually the home to many false, materially misleading, and defamatory posts. Businesses and business owners are frequently the victims of damaging Ripoff Report posts, in which virtually anybody can post false and misleading allegations about them.
This whitepaper is intended to provide businesses the most up-to-date information regarding options for dealing with an attack on Ripoff Report. Part II of this whitepaper provides an overview of Ripoff Report including what makes many Ripoff Report posts so harmful. Part III, meanwhile, provides an extensive summary of several options that businesses can pursue to deal with damaging Ripoff Report posts.


How to Remove False Statements from Pissed Consumer

As the name implies, Pissed Consumer is a website for disgruntled consumers to share their complaints about and experiences with various products or services. It is intended to be the online home for consumers who have been “scammed.” By the end of 2014, Pissed Consumer users had written well over 350,000 reviews about nearly 50,000 companies spanning dozens of industries.
Of course, our experience shows that Pissed Consumer attracts more than “pissed consumers,” but also countless former employees, competitors, and other parties that may have motives to damage the reputations of businesses. These disgruntled parties can greatly harm legitimate business operations through the posting of false or materially misleading content. This whitepaper discusses how to handle harmful statements on Pissed Consumer, including how to get false statements removed and how to identify anonymous posters.