Online Copyright Infringement

Copyright infringement can take on many forms in the online world. For example, digitally delivered products, like music and video, are often replicated and distributed across the web. Other types can include intentional misuse of companies pictures or written content. And others include widespread dissemination of private photos that have been obtained from executives, celebrities, or other concerned individuals.

What to Do If Someone Copies Materials You Put on the Internet

The internet provides content to users in a variety of forms.  These forms, or media, include text, pictures, audio, and video.  And the internet makes it easy to copy these works.  The copying of materials on the internet is common, and it deprives businesses of the ability to control their content.  One of the more damaging places for a business to have their work copied is from their website.  Fortunately, there are tools available for businesses to protect themselves if their online works are taken by others.   One such tool is copyright law.