Seo Manipulation

Ranking at the top of search engine results is valuable and has become the goal of many companies. At times, competitors may take this too far to gain an advantage. This can include negative SEO to drive down your website as well as SEO strategies that can border upon false advertising.

How to Get URLs Removed or De-Indexed from Search Engines

The most straight-forward way to deal with internet defamation or other tortious statements posted online is to obtain a court order against the author of those damaging statements.  The court order technique has been discussed in various whitepapers, including “How Business Can Handle Attacks on Ripoff Report.”  As discussed in that whitepaper, Ripoff Report does not allow for revisions to or deletion of content published on the website, meaning defamatory content posted in Ripoff Report will remain on the internet indefinitely.  Accordingly, and for reasons stated below, getting the URLs removed from the search engines is an effective alternative.